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2021-07-16 23:24:55
Three motors were prepared for the new Aston Martin Valhalla

Aston Martin presented Valhalla's prototype long ago and has introduced a new twin-turbo unit in the car.

2020-03-24 21:13:54
Aston Martin will create an opponent for the Mercedes GLS and BMW X7

Aston Martin will develop some of the latest versions of the first DBX cross, which should be a 7-seater version of the model - a potential rival for the Mercedes-Benz GLS with the BMW X7.

2020-01-10 20:13:13
Aston Martin completely abandoned its first electric car

Aston Martin decided to postpone the release of electric cars Rapid E ​​for an indefinite time.

2019-12-03 18:06:32
Aston Martin will receive machine guns in the headlights in James Bond movie (VIDEO)

On the eve a short video on a new James Bond movie "No Time To Die" posted. 

2019-10-21 17:17:28
The first SUV from Aston Martin has declassified

The paparazzi of the Auto Pista Spanish edition captured photos of the first Aston Martin DBX product cross.

2019-07-15 17:22:46
Aston Martin Valkyrie Hypercar drove onto a race track for the first time (VIDEO)

Aston Martin for the first time put its own Valkyrie hypercar on the track. An event occurred on the Silverstone circuit in England.

2019-06-24 22:53:34
Aston Martin Valkyrie will try to become the champion of the 'Nurburgring'

Aston Martin decided to set the North Loop record at the expense of the newest Valkyrie hypercar.

2019-06-19 18:56:26
New Aston Martin hypercar was given a Scandinavian name

Aston Martin has officially confirmed that the name Valhalla will receive a new mid-engined hypercar.

2019-05-21 19:30:08
What would the Aston Martin DBX SUV be?

Aston Martin DBX is the first cross-country in the company history, which is still actively passing test rides in tight camouflage.

2019-04-12 17:27:13
Aston Martin testing first serial crossover on the Nurburgring

Autoevolution have shown a novelty in action. According to rumors, the first crossover of the British company will be calling Varekai. 

2019-02-06 19:12:47
Aston Martin Lagonda will debut in Geneva

The 1st teaser of the Aston Martin Lagonda All-Terrain electric cross-country hit on the network.​

2018-11-02 17:37:32
New Aston Martin Valkyrie Super Hybrid has shown Designs

New photos of the cool Aston Martin Valkyrie hypercar have spread online.​

2018-10-22 17:07:38
Valhalla - the new name of Aston Martin hypercar?

Aston Martin registered a new name Valhalla. Autoblog informs that this name is prepared for the new Project 003 hypercar.​

2018-09-21 17:21:22
Aston Martin conducted the announcement of a new hypercar with active aerodynamics

In Aston Martin showed the teaser of the newest hypercar Project 003.

2018-08-20 18:43:14
Aston Martin will prepare a series of classic DB5 models

The British will release a batch of sports cars that actually copy James Bond's car for Goldfinger. The film was shown in 1964.

2018-06-26 23:10:10
Aston Martin's sports car declassified ahead of time

Meets new Aston Martin sports car on the first photos!

2018-05-10 15:20:06
Aston Martin make a crossover on electricity from sub-brand Lagonda

Aston Martin planned to produce an electric crossover for 2021.

2018-04-22 23:38:38
Aston Martin is expected to "revive" the sport car DBS

Aston Martin decided to conduct a revival of the sports car DBS.

2018-03-29 22:53:45
Women In China Wants Aston Martin!

Aston Martin is experiencing a strong sales push among women clients, especially in China.

2018-02-07 15:33:43
Aston Martin Wants An EV Partner From China

Aston Martin wants to lend its knowledge on lightweight materials and aerodynamics to a Chinese producer.

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