2018-05-10 15:20:06

Aston Martin make a crossover on electricity from sub-brand Lagonda

Aston Martin planned to produce an electric crossover for 2021.

Auto will appear on behalf of Lagonda sub-brand. The main competitors of the car attributed to Rolls-Royce Cullinan with Bentley Bentayga.

Autocar writes that the first teaser of the car showed that the car design will recall the concept car Lagonda Vision Concept, shown in Geneva-2018. We add that each electric cross of the company will be assembled manually.

The concept of the Lagonda Vision had seats in the front, which rotated 180 degrees so that the passengers looked at each other. Due to the steering column, where there is an electric drive, the car will change the configuration to the right-hand / left-hand drive scheme.

The prototype will also be introduced by the autopilot of the 4th level.