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2024-01-30 18:21:03
2025 Volkswagen Golf GTI Unveiled

The latest update to the popular hatchback brings an increase in horsepower to 262 hp, alongside fresh color options and several upgrades to the cabin's interface. Unfortunately, the manual transmission option has been discontinued.

2022-02-22 23:40:07
Renewed BMW 1-Series spotted on tests for the first time

Paparazzi saw the restyled BMW 1-Series hatchback on-road tests for the first time

2022-02-21 20:27:53
Volvo to invest more than a billion dollars in electric cars

The Swedish company Volvo has decided to channel large finance streams into its new-generation electric vehicles

2022-02-18 23:05:56
Mazda CX-60 PHEV will be able to produce more than 300 hp

The latest CX-60 flagship will be Mazda's first plug-in hybrid to get that much power

2022-02-17 22:39:47
Ford Focus to be refreshed entirely

American brand Ford has decided to update the Focus family completely

2022-02-16 20:57:01
The photo of the future Lexus RZ 450e has appeared in the network

A photo of the future electric RZ 450e from Lexus, which is actively tested today, has appeared on the Internet

2022-02-15 23:24:20
Alfa Romeo subcompact crossover ready for 2024

Alfa Romeo will develop and release a new subcompact electric crossover in 2024

2022-02-14 23:52:30
Tuners added more "aggression" to Toyota Land Cruiser 300

The specialists of Jaos studio have presented an off-road variant of the latest Land Cruiser 300

2022-02-11 23:36:58
Jeep Renegade SUV got a restyling

A compact crossover from Jeep has received another update

2022-02-10 23:44:19
Audi Q2 will leave the assembly line

Audi plans to finish with serial production of the Q2 crossover

2022-02-09 20:51:49
Mazda showed off part of new hybrid SUV

Mazda has shown a teaser of the all-new CX-60 Plug-in Hybrid crossover

2022-02-08 19:32:35
It will be the new Nissan X-Trail

The company Nissan has distributed a photo of the new generation of the famous X-Trail car

2022-02-07 23:14:41
Citroen C4 will appear in a new body

The Citroen C4 crossover hatch received a new generation two years ago

2022-02-05 14:31:52
Smart has engaged in tests of its most significant crossover

Within a couple of months, the Smart brand will present an electric version of the B-Class

2022-02-02 20:06:19
Lexus says record sales for 2021

Lexus sold 760,012 cars worldwide last year

2022-01-31 19:52:20
Tesla Model S fails reliability tests among used cars

The German Technical Inspection Association TÜV has conducted a study concerning the reliability performance of used electric cars in Germany

2022-01-31 13:31:23
BMW to leave the assembly line of its first electric car

BMW will finish producing the electric car i3 from July 2022, which was created 11 years ago

2022-01-29 22:55:39
Paparazzi declassified Fiat Uno

Paparazzi have captured test drives of the newest compact crossover Fiat Uno on public roads

2022-01-28 19:26:24
Porsche Cayenne will get a platinum modification

Part of the Porsche Cayenne models will be called Platinum Edition

2022-01-27 22:58:24
The first electric Bentley will be available in 2025

Bentley has planned to start mass production of its first electric car in 2025

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