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2021-04-14 18:25:13
Skoda electric hatch will appear in 3 years

Skoda plans to release a new electric hatchback in 2024, a rendering of which has already appeared on the Net

2021-04-13 20:03:24
Renewed Skoda Kodiaq was presented

Skoda has held a presentation of an updated Kodiaq crossover, which debuted five years ago

2021-04-12 18:56:03
Citroen C5 X: debut of a new sedan crossover

Citroen has revealed a new flagship car, the C5 X. The model has an unusual design: a mix of sedan, fastback, and crossover

2021-04-09 19:16:49
World record sales from BMW

The German company BMW says it has set a global record sales for the first quarter of 2021

2021-04-07 23:43:33
Jeep announced a 7-seat SUV

Jeep has shown a photo with a new seven-seat SUV

2021-04-06 18:19:56
Hyundai Veloster hatchback may leave the assembly line

Hyundai is contemplating dropping the Veloster hatchback from the assembly line

2021-04-05 19:18:04
Peugeot 308 electric car not expected until 2023

A new Peugeot 308 with an electric powertrain will begin sales in two years in European countries

2021-03-31 19:59:07
It's official: Volkswagen is changing its name

Volkswagen will change its name in the United States

2021-03-31 19:59:05
Xiaomi declassified its first car

The famous electronics company has unveiled its first car - a house on wheels. 

2021-03-30 20:21:42
BMW X6 crossover became "gold" thanks to AC Schnitzer

German tuning studio AC Schnitzer has presented a modified crossover BMW X6

2021-03-30 20:21:41
Hyundai electric cars put on pause

A shortage of microchips has forced Hyundai to halt the production of electric cars in its home country

2021-03-29 21:04:37
Toyota Yaris Cross miniature crossover prepared for the off-road version

Toyota has declassified a new version of a small crossover Yaris Cross - Adventure

2021-03-29 18:41:58
Geely debuted the latest Emgrand S SUV

Chinese brand Geely showed teasers of the new crossover Emgrand S, which will be officially declassified to the public on April 26

2021-03-27 01:51:19
The life cycle of the Ford Mondeo will last another year

Ford has officially announced that the Mondeo will no longer be produced since March 2022

2021-03-25 19:35:54
This is what the new Volkswagen Amarok will look like

Volkswagen Commercial has shown a new teaser of the Amarok pickup truck of the new generation

2021-03-24 23:19:52
Subaru has announced the debut of a unique Outback

As early as March 30, Subaru will unveil a new version of the Outback off-road station wagon

2021-03-22 19:23:25
That could be the new Audi Q9 crossover

Render images of the newest Audi Q9 full-size crossover have appeared in the Network

2021-03-20 11:47:09
Hyundai has a "space" minivan

Hyundai has decided to show photos of the new Staria minivan, a spacious cabin for 11 people, along with a futuristic "spaceship" style body design

2021-03-18 19:24:06
Toyota Aygo was shown in its natural appearance

Toyota has declassified the latest Toyota Aygo X Prologue prototype, which resembles the new Aygo, the third generation in a row

2021-03-17 23:32:26
Mercedes-AMG C63 new generation appeared on tests

Spy photos of the new generation Mercedes-AMG C63 sold as a 2022 model have spread on the Internet

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