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2022-02-22 23:40:07
Renewed BMW 1-Series spotted on tests for the first time

Paparazzi saw the restyled BMW 1-Series hatchback on-road tests for the first time

2022-02-21 20:27:53
Volvo to invest more than a billion dollars in electric cars

The Swedish company Volvo has decided to channel large finance streams into its new-generation electric vehicles

2022-02-18 23:05:56
Mazda CX-60 PHEV will be able to produce more than 300 hp

The latest CX-60 flagship will be Mazda's first plug-in hybrid to get that much power

2022-02-17 22:39:47
Ford Focus to be refreshed entirely

American brand Ford has decided to update the Focus family completely

2022-02-16 20:57:01
The photo of the future Lexus RZ 450e has appeared in the network

A photo of the future electric RZ 450e from Lexus, which is actively tested today, has appeared on the Internet

2022-02-15 23:24:20
Alfa Romeo subcompact crossover ready for 2024

Alfa Romeo will develop and release a new subcompact electric crossover in 2024

2022-02-14 23:52:30
Tuners added more "aggression" to Toyota Land Cruiser 300

The specialists of Jaos studio have presented an off-road variant of the latest Land Cruiser 300

2022-02-11 23:36:58
Jeep Renegade SUV got a restyling

A compact crossover from Jeep has received another update

2022-02-10 23:44:19
Audi Q2 will leave the assembly line

Audi plans to finish with serial production of the Q2 crossover

2022-02-09 20:51:49
Mazda showed off part of new hybrid SUV

Mazda has shown a teaser of the all-new CX-60 Plug-in Hybrid crossover

2022-02-08 19:32:35
It will be the new Nissan X-Trail

The company Nissan has distributed a photo of the new generation of the famous X-Trail car

2022-02-07 23:14:41
Citroen C4 will appear in a new body

The Citroen C4 crossover hatch received a new generation two years ago

2022-02-05 14:31:52
Smart has engaged in tests of its most significant crossover

Within a couple of months, the Smart brand will present an electric version of the B-Class

2022-02-02 20:06:19
Lexus says record sales for 2021

Lexus sold 760,012 cars worldwide last year

2022-01-31 19:52:20
Tesla Model S fails reliability tests among used cars

The German Technical Inspection Association TÜV has conducted a study concerning the reliability performance of used electric cars in Germany

2022-01-31 13:31:23
BMW to leave the assembly line of its first electric car

BMW will finish producing the electric car i3 from July 2022, which was created 11 years ago

2022-01-29 22:55:39
Paparazzi declassified Fiat Uno

Paparazzi have captured test drives of the newest compact crossover Fiat Uno on public roads

2022-01-28 19:26:24
Porsche Cayenne will get a platinum modification

Part of the Porsche Cayenne models will be called Platinum Edition

2022-01-27 22:58:24
The first electric Bentley will be available in 2025

Bentley has planned to start mass production of its first electric car in 2025

2022-01-26 21:27:07
Production Tesla Cybertruck showed in the video

The Tesla electric pickup debuted three years ago, but only now the car is almost ready for sales

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