2019-06-19 18:56:26

New Aston Martin hypercar was given a Scandinavian name

Aston Martin has officially confirmed that the name Valhalla will receive a new mid-engined hypercar.

German-Scandinavian mythology tells us that this is the name of the heavenly palace in Asgard, intended for soldiers who fell in battle.

Aston Martin Valhalla will acquire a hybrid installation based on the newest petrol V6 with two turbines, working with auxiliary electric motors. Rumors say that the aggregate aggregates will develop more than 1000 hp.

Hypercar, which has an innovative adaptive suspension, will provide a carbon-fiber platform with a body of composite elements, some of which are printed on a 3D printer.

The car has a retractable rear wing of the active type and FlexFoil technology that allows you to change shape, and this helps to reduce aerodynamic drag without changing the angle of attack.

It is known that there will be 500 such cars at a price of at least 875,000 pounds sterling.