2020-01-10 20:13:13

Aston Martin completely abandoned its first electric car

Aston Martin decided to postpone the release of electric cars Rapid E ​​for an indefinite time.

Autocar writes that a prototype almost ready for car production will receive a new status - a research project for the further electrification of the company's models.

Two electric motors prepared for the liftback, which provide battery power of 65 kilowatt-hours. The return of the installation was set at 610 "horses" and 950 Nm of peak torque. "Hundred" is typed by an electric car in 4 seconds, and the maximum can be accelerated to 250 km per hour. The declared range of the WLTP cycle reaches 322 km.

Recall that in April 2019, it was said that the car is ready for production at the Saint-Atan plant. The circulation was 155 pieces. Now, these plans will not come true, and Rapid E ​​will not follow on the conveyor.