2019-05-21 19:30:08

What would the Aston Martin DBX SUV be?

Aston Martin DBX is the first cross-country in the company history, which is still actively passing test rides in tight camouflage.

What could be a novelty? Some designers tried to predict what shape the future car from Aston Martin will acquire.

The illustration provided hints that the DBX is very similar to the latest Aston Martin sports cars. Differences from the crosses of other companies can trace by aggressiveness, which only improves the appearance.

The new image of the Aston Martin DBX is an SUV, not taking into account the ground clearance indicated by the stylized underlay for underbody protection, located at the bottom of the front bumper.

This Aston Martin has traditional miniature headlights with a radiator, hinting at a sporty look, as well as emphasizing the style of 'related' coupe and convertibles. Experts highlight the design, which is not particularly peculiar to the crossover segment.