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2014-10-23 15:22:34
Alfa Romeo Giulia of 2016 is Envisioned with Retro Ticks

The highly expected Alfa Romeo Giulia has been virtually presented one more time.

2014-09-23 12:53:43
More superior Alfa Romeo 4C Quadrifoglio Verde / Stradale Appeared in the Web

A prototype of enigmatic Alfa Romeo 4C appeared in the web and probably a superior model is going to be created in 2015.

2014-03-26 20:38:25
High-Performance 4C Modification Mulled Over in Alfa Romeo

The sales of Alfa Romeo 4C have not even started in America yet, but the brand has already made preliminary plans for a model with even higher performance.

2014-03-20 13:49:52
Alfa Romeo 4C Coupe Officially with New Head Lamps

A representative of Alfa Romeo has killed all the assumptions stating that 4C Coupe will not feature a modification of head lamps.

2014-01-30 12:54:46
Giorgio: Working Title of Alfa Romeo’s Novelty

New platform of rear-wheel and four-wheel drive cars from Alfa Romeo might get the name Giorgio.

2013-10-02 10:57:36
Alfa Romeo US Comeback Paused Until 2014

The comeback of the Alfa Romeo to North America will be paused until the 2nd quarter of 2014.

2013-09-30 11:57:19
Alfa Romeo 4C Base Price $54,000

Alfa Romeo’s approaching lightweight sports vehicle will cost $54,000, pricing it $1,400 above a Porsche Cayman without the delivery payment.

2013-08-01 14:55:25
Alfa Romeo Spider (IT Miata) will Provide 168-HP

Much like the fresh Alfa Romeo4C, the approaching Alfa Romeo Spider will sport a modern style mated with a lightweight body when it arrives the market in late 2015.

2013-07-12 12:41:49
Fiat Planning to Move Assembly out of Italy

Sergio Marchionne already informed that he’s planning to move Fiat’s corporate headquarters to the U.S., so Alfa Romeo’s production would be replaced also.

2013-05-22 12:04:21
Maserati Planning its Own Alfa Romeo 4C Sports Model

Maserati Head Harald Wester has announced that the Italian brand is planning to construct its own variant of the Alfa Romeo 4C sports model.

2013-05-01 12:04:00
Alfa Romeo 4C Will Cause US Automaker Restart

The U.S. restart of Italian carmaker Alfa Romeo will be caused by the mid-engine 4C sports model.

2013-05-01 11:55:44
Alfa Romeo MiTo Might be Going to North America

As Alfa Romeo wants to come back to America in the near future, the Italian brand is currently thinks over plans for its next-gen MiTo, which could be bound for America.

2013-04-05 13:29:41
Volkswagen and Fiat are Discussing Alfa Romeo Sale

One can never completely trust the auto rumor mill; unreliable blogs are ready to post mostly everything to get clicks, which can lead to the wrong and unverified information being gone through as truth. But TTAC has reliable sources (thanks to our EIC Herr Schmitt) informing that VW and Fiat are negotiating regarding the potential sale of Alfa Romeo.

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