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2022-01-20 23:44:37
Lamborghini may release four new products in 2022

Lamborghini has planned the presentation of four new cars in the current year

2021-06-26 09:56:16
Lamborghini Huracan Evo gets unusual role at the airport

The all-wheel-drive Lamborghini Huracan Evo will work in an Italian city at an airport, where the car will accompany planes

2021-05-18 18:12:49
Every Lamborghini model will get an electric motor

Lamborghini models will become electric at the end of 2024

2020-07-23 19:01:15
The 10,000th Lamborghini Urus released

Lamborghini has created the ten-thousandth copy of the Urus crossover

2020-07-06 20:53:21
Lamborghini's new supercar will debut soon

July 8, an Italian company, will be the date of the presentation of the latest Lamborghini supercar

2020-06-24 22:37:41
Lamborghini completes hypercar test on track (VIDEO)

Lamborghini has announced the end of testing the racing hypercar SCV12, which declassify this summer.

2020-05-28 18:07:03
The most potent supercar Lamborghini turned into a Lego model

Lego presented the Lamborghini Sian toy car model - this is the first electrified and most influential car of the Italian brand

2020-03-26 20:56:47
Lamborghini demonstrated the latest supercar (Video)

Lamborghini has released a teaser video showing tests of a brand new track car

2020-03-16 19:23:26
Lamborghini also suffered from coronavirus

Lamborghini, which is part of the Volkswagen Group, said that the company would not produce cars in the next two weeks.

2020-01-16 18:56:50
In Lamborghini more popular crossovers than supercars

The final report of Lamborghini sales states that in 2019 the company sold a record car number

2019-10-28 19:01:24
Lamborghini racing sports car shown on the video

Lamborghini showed on the teaser video a brand new track car.

2019-10-09 20:18:33
The first electric car from Lamborghini should be expecting for 2025

Lamborghini has planned the release of a new electric car with the landing formula "2+2".

2019-09-16 16:09:56
Lamborghini Urus now accelerates to 320 km/h thanks to tuners

German tuning company Novitec presented a thoroughly improved cross Lamborghini Urus

2019-09-03 20:00:25
First Lamborghini super hybrid declassified by design

TheSupercarBlog showed the official photo of Lamborghini Unica, which will be giving the role of the first Italians with a hybrid installation.

2019-08-30 21:25:53
The evolution of Lamborghini Aventador in a 6-minute video

Cars Evolution's YouTube channel shows videos about the history of a famous car. Now the turn has come to the evolution and each modification of Lamborghini Aventador.

2019-08-23 17:21:59
Lamborghini prepares a new hypercar

Lamborghini shows a prepared hybrid installation. The novelty will appear only in limited quantities after a couple of weeks in Frankfurt.

2019-08-07 21:56:40
New Lamborghini Aventador delayed

The company Lamborghini said about the difficulties encountered in the development of the flagship car Aventador.

2019-07-29 17:35:06
Lamborghini prepares to beat Ferrari’s hybrid supercar

Lamborghini does not stand apart from innovation and is preparing to create its answer to the automotive industry. Frankfurt Motor Show starts on September 10. The Italian automaker promises to show something special.

2019-06-14 17:56:43
Off-road Lamborghini Huracan will provide serial performance

Lamborghini will develop a commercial version of the supercar Huracan Sterrato. So writes Automobile, referring to the chief technical director of the company Maurizio Reggiani.

2019-04-25 19:55:06
Lamborghini Urus shows on video what he can do on off-road roads

In Lamborghini showed on the video that can Urus SUV when it's at off-road.

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