2019-07-29 17:35:06

Lamborghini prepares to beat Ferrari’s hybrid supercar

Lamborghini does not stand apart from innovation and is preparing to create its answer to the automotive industry. Frankfurt Motor Show starts on September 10. The Italian automaker promises to show something special.

For the premiere at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the Italians are preparing at full speed. It is known that the public will present a new hypercar, code-named LB48H. The novelty will receive a hybrid power plant - a V12 engine and several electric motors with a total capacity of about a thousand "horses."

There is such a hypercar of nearly two million dollars. Technical specifications are still a mystery; however, it can be assumed that the LB48H will surpass the Aventador in power, acceleration dynamics, and maximum speed.

According to the schedule of the event, a press conference devoted to the new product, Lamborghini will hold on September 10 at 11 am local time. These photos show the stylish, aggressive features of the exterior and equipment already discussed in social networks. Users believe that the new car will be revolutionary in the brand lineup. The media will cover a demonstration of unique items around the world.