2022-01-20 23:44:37

Lamborghini may release four new products in 2022

Lamborghini has planned the presentation of four new cars in the current year.

The company's CEO, Stefan Winkelmann, assured that in 2022, the company would consolidate the current figures and prepare for hybrid cars.

Perhaps the first novelties will be an updated crossover Urus and a successor for the Aventador.

We should add that in 2021, Lamborghini was able to set a sales record, with the most popular crossover Urus. The model has been produced for four years without innovations, so there may appear a "charged" version Performante or planned to restyle.

The life of the flagship Aventador has come to an end, but the successor will be declassified before the end of the year. The other two novelties remain classified for now.