2019-10-09 20:18:33

The first electric car from Lamborghini should be expecting for 2025

Lamborghini has planned the release of a new electric car with the landing formula "2+2".

In theory, the GT type car will acquire a wholly electric power plant, and the design of the novelty will resemble the Estoque prototype.

Autocar writes that the company is confident in the appearance of a new electric model for 2025. Perhaps the car will be created on the PPE architecture, which is used in the electric Porsche Taycan. Rumours say that the model will get a power reserve of more than 560 km. "Hundred" is typed by the machine in less than 3 seconds.

The process of discussing new items has been going on for about four years. It turns out that the full development of the 1st electric car Lamborghini will be engaged closer to 2021.