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2021-02-17 18:21:30
General Motors showed a drawing of a new sedan

The official Instagram page of General Motors' design division has posted a sketch of the latest sedan

2020-11-20 18:39:21
GM announces a Hummer SUV release with an electric motor

In addition to the Hummer electric pickup, General Motors also wants to produce an SUV of the same name

2018-01-30 23:06:27
GM presents 15 new cars for this year

The new cars are aimed at China, but some novelties will arrange sales in other countries.

2017-05-17 14:36:15
Sustainable Natural Rubber Tyres From General Motors

General Motors has promised to source sustainable natural rubber in its tyres.

2016-12-21 12:38:51
GM Stops The Work Of Its Factories This January

GM is going to stop production on 5 of the American assembly factories this January. Calm down, this will happen only temporarily in order to deal with an oversupply of sedans.

2015-10-20 15:42:48
A New Ignition Switch Recall at General Motors

GM faces a new ignition switch recall.

2015-10-08 15:45:26
Recall of 31,000 SUVs at GM

GM has stated another recall for 31,000 SUVs because of a possible risk.

2015-08-25 17:39:33
275 Injuries and 124 Death caused by GM Ignition Switch

The compensation for ignition switch from GM has finished reviewing more than 4,000 submissions. It has officially admitted that the issue caused 275 injuries and 124 people died from it.

2015-07-15 14:52:09
Seat Belt Issue Affected 50K GM's Cars

General Motors confirmed one more recall. It touches 50,043 cars in Canada and America.

2015-07-09 14:38:43
Two New Recalls from GM

General Motors has confirmed two new recalls.

2015-06-24 13:50:23
A $245M Investment of GM in an Innovative Vehicle Program

General Motors is cooking up a tasty dish.

2015-05-01 12:27:57
General Motors invests $5.4B into US Manufacturing

General Motors has stated about a significant investment into few American manufacturing facilities.

2014-10-09 13:38:03
GM Designs an Innovated Electric Car

A new electric car which will be sold together with Spark EV and Volt is being developed by General Motors.

2014-09-04 15:10:58
Straight Line Standard to Become Automatic in General Motors

The American carmaker might actually become the one to introduce an eye-tracking technology to the world.

2014-06-12 00:53:43
Fines Lifted Off General Motors

Bosses of General Motors have one concern less with $7,000 fine paid on a daily basis lifted off by profile federal safety administration. The reason behind it was reluctance to cooperate on ignition switch failure investigation.

2014-06-06 13:38:37
General Motors Offers New Superchargers for Free

Some superchargers installed in ZL1 Camaro and CTS-V from Cadillac turned out to be malfunctioning and General Motors opted to make warranty period longer not to start a serious recall campaign.

2013-11-01 12:04:38
U.S. Government will Spend $9.7 Billion on GM's Bailout

The U.S. government has publically reported a $9.7-billion loss on the bailout of GM.

2013-08-30 11:19:16
GM Shifts Financial Burden From Returns to Suppliers

GM has taken on a new purchasing contract that gives the automaker an opportunity to recover costs spent on safety returns from suppliers that provided defective details.

2013-07-30 13:34:51
GM Fires Executive for Correcting Emissions Testing

GM has informed that it has fired its main powertrain executive, Sam Winegarden, over issues in the American brand’s emission tests in India.

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