2017-05-17 14:36:15

Sustainable Natural Rubber Tyres From General Motors

General Motors has promised to source sustainable natural rubber in its tyres.

GM wants to help drive industry with the net-zero deforestation while upholding human and labour rights in such a way. The producer from the U.S. thinks that sourcing tyres manufactured from sustainable natural rubber is more beneficial for the business. Besides, it considers that this is better for the environment. This move will help to preserve and restore primary forests and high carbon stock areas which are crucial to addressing climate change and wildlife protection.

Moreover, with the help of the discussed tyres, the automaker wants to improve yield and quality for natural rubber farmers. It will support small businesses contributing 85% of the material. Last, but not least, the commitment will benefit into mitigating business risk connected with supply chain sourcing and performance. And one more thing, this will also establish long-term availability of a key commodity.

GM is going to cooperate with tyre suppliers, rubber industry associations, governments and environmental NGOs to reduce supply chain set-up.