2020-11-20 18:39:21

GM announces a Hummer SUV release with an electric motor

In addition to the Hummer electric pickup, General Motors also wants to produce an SUV of the same name.

The company so stated them at the online conference. According to Motor1, also, at the event, the future car model was shown. Perhaps the debut of the vehicle will occur in 2022.

Most likely, the technical part of the SUV will copy the engine compartment of the pickup. The model will receive different electric power plants. For example, the power of the top-end Hummer pickup truck reaches 1000 hp. The modification has a cruising range of 560 km.

The total power of the junior pickup version reaches 634 hp. The electric car has a range of 483 km. By the way, such a modification of the vehicle will go on sale in 3 years.