2015-08-25 17:39:33

275 Injuries and 124 Death caused by GM Ignition Switch

The compensation for ignition switch from GM has finished reviewing more than 4,000 submissions. It has officially admitted that the issue caused 275 injuries and 124 people died from it.

The problem caused a serious recall. More than 2 million cars were called back. The ignition switches under consideration let the car’s keys to spontaneously turn off. This cut the engine and disabled the power steering along with the safety bags. General Motors was working with Kenneth Feinberg, an attorney, in order to handle compensation for the drivers who suffered accidents that resulted over the issued switches.

Customers filed 4,343 claims to the office of Feinberg. 3,944 of them were accounted ineligible for compensation. As to the poor ones who died in the faulty vehicles, there was at least a $1 million settlement given for the human who died. $300,000 was given for each dependent or spouse who had survived.

There also were 275 approved claims connected with injuries. 17 of them were serious ones. Such injuries resulted in double amputation, pervasive burns, paraplegia or permanent brain damage. 258 claims were about minor injuries defined as those that require hospitalization treatment to a maximum of 48 hours after the accident.

Customers who had minor injuries were paid from $20,000 to $500,000. Some clients with serious injuries received bigger sums of money than those with the approved death claims.

General Motors is still undergoing criminal investigation because of the faulty ignition switches. The automaker has not been recalling the vehicles with the issue for nearly ten years after the problem was found out.