2015-10-08 15:45:26

Recall of 31,000 SUVs at GM

GM has stated another recall for 31,000 SUVs because of a possible risk.

The issue may lead the screen-wiper motor to overheat. Under some conditions it even can catch fire. The affected vehicles are the GMC Acadia SUVs, Buick Enclave and 2016 Chevy Traverse. 6,400 units from the 31,000 are already obtained by the clients. All the rest ones are still on dealer lots.

An overnight letter was sent to the customers with the defected cars with the help of the Internet. The letter alerts the owners of the problem. Besides, it warns them not to use the screen-wipers if it is possible. The automaker goes on saying that if rainy weather encumbers them from bringing the car into a dealership, then the company will arrange the vehicle’s transportation by itself. Also GM announced that in case the repair parts are not in stock, then the company will grant a rental car to the owner free of charge till the time the details are available.