2015-10-20 15:42:48

A New Ignition Switch Recall at General Motors

GM faces a new ignition switch recall.

Happily, there are no any injuries or crashes due to this new recall. The company found the problem quickly, so everybody is in safety. Last year’s Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra light-duty pickup trucks, this year’s Chevrolet Suburban and Tahoe SUVS along with this year’s heavy-duty pickup trucks fall under the new recall. Almost 3,300 cars fall into the line of recall. An employee owning one of the trucks discovered the issue. He brought the information to the high-ranking officials as a part of the automaker’s Speak Up for Safety project.

General Motors assures that the problem hides in the ignition switch. The switch can stick in its “start” arrangement. Then it can slip into “accessory” if pushed. In the result, it will lead to an undeliberate stop of the engines. This will disable power brakes and steering. It also may disable the safety bag. This problem reminds of the one with the large ignition switch recall connected with 169 deaths, lots of injuries and defeat vehicles around the globe.

Totally, the company has got five reports of engines shutting down. Dealers will fix the issue by replacing the ignition lock housing.