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2020-09-17 18:14:45
The most "budgetary" supercar Ferrari powerfully updated

Ferrari has unveiled the latest version of the "junior" Portofino supercar, replacing the California T in 2017

2020-08-09 15:08:39
Ferrari's 1,000-hp plug-in hybrid postponed

Ferrari has said it is postponing deliveries to dealerships for the 1000-horsepower SF90 Stradale hybrid

2020-05-15 22:37:04
Ferrari' electric car will have previously unseen technologies

Ferrari is actively creating the first all-electric sports car in its entire history

2020-02-05 20:01:29
Ferrari sold a record cars number

Ferrari, in 2019, sold more than 10 thousand cars worldwide. Never before, the brand has sold a similar number of vehicles. 

2019-12-23 20:21:52
The first Ferrari SUV is gradually declassified

The first SUV in Ferrari history, Purosangue model, will be built on a similar front-engine base as the Roma supercar.

2019-12-16 18:42:38
Ferrari decided not to create an electric supercar until 2025

Ferrari will create its first all-electric car after 2025. So said to Reuters Louis Camilleri, the executive Ferrari director.

2019-09-16 16:09:55
Ferrari opens the curtain of its first SUV

Ferrari talked a little about the first crossover in their history, which will appear in 2022

2019-09-09 17:57:25
The most powerful convertible in the world debuted

Ferrari on the eve declassified the accessible version of 812 Superfast supercars. The Italians reported that the new product could be considered the most powerful in the world among serial convertibles.

2019-08-08 17:17:17
A unique Ferrari Sergio supercar auctioned off

American auction house Gooding & Company has prepared for sale a supercar Ferrari Sergio of a unique character, which made by Pininfarina tuning studio.

2019-05-28 19:21:22
Ferrari announced the debut of the newest hybrid

Ferrari released the first teaser of the new supercar, which has a hybrid installation.

2019-03-26 23:06:52
The presentation of a unique Ferrari for the track

In the Ferrari presented a unique P80/C supercar for the track, which is released in one copy.

2019-03-25 18:06:20
Ferrari will make one unique and extreme hypercar

Ferrari was showed a teaser for a supercar race track, which is built in a special project unit with a base of the hybrid LaFerrari.

2019-02-18 17:28:17
Ferrari's hybrid supercar debuts this year

The new Ferrari hybrid supercar will be decoupled this year.​

2018-12-26 16:41:54
Ferrari congratulated everyone on holidays

Ferrari decided to congratulate all their fans, releasing the release of New Year's greetings.​

2018-09-19 16:57:29
The new Ferrari SUV determined a name

The annual meeting of Italian company shareholders turned out to be rich in the news.

2018-08-28 15:30:54
Rare Ferrari sold for a very big money

Ferrari 250 GTO Coupe 1962 model year sold for $48.4 million.

2018-08-27 16:43:09
From extreme Ferrari 488 Pista removed the roof

Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance became the venue for the premiere of the Ferrari supercar - the 488 Pista version without a roof.

2018-08-09 16:57:37
A new supercar is expected from Ferrari

Ferrari has distributed a teaser an unknown car - the photo is already in the special section of the Italians site.

2018-07-02 21:54:19
Ferrari returns one and a half thousand cars for repairs

In United States begins a revocable campaign from Ferrari.

2018-06-06 18:13:22
Engine of the Year 2018: the winner is known

"Eight" from Ferrari once again became the best among the engines in 2018.

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