2021-06-26 09:56:16

Ferrari has an 830-horsepower hybrid

Ferrari has unveiled the 296 GTB, which has a hybrid setup based on a V6 engine. 

The new car is the first one from the Italian company, which received a 6-cylinder engine since the Dino 246 GT from 1970.

Italians created a new 2.9-liter 6-cylinder engine with two turbines using their resources. It was possible to make emissions of the unit at the level of 663 hp. In total, with the electric motor and 8-speed "robot," you get 830 hp and 740 Nm.

Ferrari 296 GTB can reach 100 km/h in 2.9 seconds. Its top speed is 330 km/h. The electric motor is powered by a 7.45 kWh battery pack, enabling an electric drive of up to 25 km.

The weight of the car is 1470 kg. The hybrid Ferrari 296 GTB will start in Europe in the first half of the following year. The supercar is priced at a minimum of 269,000 euros.