2020-02-05 20:01:29

Ferrari sold a record cars number

Ferrari, in 2019, sold more than 10 thousand cars worldwide. Never before, the brand has sold a similar number of vehicles. 

The most sales of Ferrari for 2019 fell on Europe, the Middle East, and Africa - 4,895 cars were sold (+ 16% compared to 2018). 2,900 Ferrari were shipped to the United States.

Sales of Ferrari models with a V8 engine for 2019, compared with 2018, increased by 11.2%, from V12 - by 4.6%.

The Italians sold 10 thousand cars per year, which became the most profitable indicator. In 2019, the company managed to raise net profit at the level of EUR 3,766 billion.

This year, the management of the brand from Maranello planned not to stop there, but only to increase momentum. Their next premiere is the new Ferrari Roma Coupe. Based on this model, a new crossover should appear, approximately, from 2021.