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2021-12-29 19:41:00
Hyundai disbanded the division that dealt with internal combustion engines

Hyundai has closed the division preparing internal combustion engines at the South Korean R&D center in Namyang

2021-12-08 23:23:20
Hyundai declassified the new Tucson XRT for the U.S.

Hyundai has ordered an all-road variant of the Tucson crossover - XRT. 

2021-11-11 22:03:40
Hyundai Creta successfully upgraded

Hyundai has updated the compact crossover Creta of the second generation

2021-11-10 23:07:14
New Hyundai Ioniq 7 revealed its design

Concern Hyundai Motor will soon show a different view of the interior design, which will appear for the first time in electric crossovers

2021-10-13 17:17:03
Hyundai Sonata got a particular version

Hyundai has made a limited-edition special edition Sonata for the U.S.

2021-10-12 22:05:45
Hyundai declassified updated Palisade SUV

The Korean company begins testing the prototypes of the new crossover Palisade

2021-09-06 17:10:46
Hyundai gasoline and diesel will not go to Europe from 2035

After 2035, Hyundai will no longer sell cars with standard internal combustion engines in Europe

2021-06-23 22:51:13
Hyundai Santa Cruz goes into production

Hyundai Santa Cruz pickup truck production has started in the U.S., and it will hit the shelves very soon

2021-04-29 18:33:10
Hyundai Kona N crossover without camouflage

Hyundai Kona N has a rather aggressive appearance, radiator with red inserts, sport sills, front spoiler

2021-04-06 18:19:56
Hyundai Veloster hatchback may leave the assembly line

Hyundai is contemplating dropping the Veloster hatchback from the assembly line

2021-03-30 20:21:41
Hyundai electric cars put on pause

A shortage of microchips has forced Hyundai to halt the production of electric cars in its home country

2021-03-20 11:47:09
Hyundai has a "space" minivan

Hyundai has decided to show photos of the new Staria minivan, a spacious cabin for 11 people, along with a futuristic "spaceship" style body design

2021-03-10 23:24:29
Hyundai Kona sports version declassified by design

Hyundai showed the first photos of a sporty version of the compact crossover Kona

2021-02-27 11:26:21
Genesis GV70e electric crossover tests have started

Photographers noticed the new electric crossover Genesis GV70e during road tests and placed its photos in the network. The novelty is tested in a heavily camouflaged form

2021-02-26 21:33:34
Hyundai Ioniq 5 pre-orders break all records

Electric crossover Hyundai Ioniq 5 orders more than the company planned.

2021-02-26 21:33:39
Announcement of the newest budget SUV from Hyundai

Hyundai circulated a photo on its official Instagram page that announced the new Bayon compact crossover's debut. 

2021-02-03 22:17:21
Hyundai's smallest crossover caught on test

Hyundai is actively testing its smallest crossover, which will sit in the model range ahead of the compact Bayon and Venue

2021-01-28 19:43:01
Genesis' new SUV spotted on tests

Genesis brand has engaged in tests of an unknown crossover

2021-01-28 01:50:45
Hyundai Tucson debuted in a sporty version

Hyundai has revealed a sporty variant of the 4th generation Tucson crossover with an N Line prefix

2020-12-31 02:36:41
Hyundai begins testing Santa Cruz pickup truck

Hyundai is preparing to start selling the new Santa Cruz pickup truck in 2021

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