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2021-06-23 22:51:13
Hyundai Santa Cruz goes into production

Hyundai Santa Cruz pickup truck production has started in the U.S., and it will hit the shelves very soon

2021-04-29 18:33:10
Hyundai Kona N crossover without camouflage

Hyundai Kona N has a rather aggressive appearance, radiator with red inserts, sport sills, front spoiler

2021-04-06 18:19:56
Hyundai Veloster hatchback may leave the assembly line

Hyundai is contemplating dropping the Veloster hatchback from the assembly line

2021-03-30 20:21:41
Hyundai electric cars put on pause

A shortage of microchips has forced Hyundai to halt the production of electric cars in its home country

2021-03-20 11:47:09
Hyundai has a "space" minivan

Hyundai has decided to show photos of the new Staria minivan, a spacious cabin for 11 people, along with a futuristic "spaceship" style body design

2021-03-10 23:24:29
Hyundai Kona sports version declassified by design

Hyundai showed the first photos of a sporty version of the compact crossover Kona

2021-02-27 11:26:21
Genesis GV70e electric crossover tests have started

Photographers noticed the new electric crossover Genesis GV70e during road tests and placed its photos in the network. The novelty is tested in a heavily camouflaged form

2021-02-26 21:33:34
Hyundai Ioniq 5 pre-orders break all records

Electric crossover Hyundai Ioniq 5 orders more than the company planned.

2021-02-26 21:33:39
Announcement of the newest budget SUV from Hyundai

Hyundai circulated a photo on its official Instagram page that announced the new Bayon compact crossover's debut. 

2021-02-03 22:17:21
Hyundai's smallest crossover caught on test

Hyundai is actively testing its smallest crossover, which will sit in the model range ahead of the compact Bayon and Venue

2021-01-28 19:43:01
Genesis' new SUV spotted on tests

Genesis brand has engaged in tests of an unknown crossover

2021-01-28 01:50:45
Hyundai Tucson debuted in a sporty version

Hyundai has revealed a sporty variant of the 4th generation Tucson crossover with an N Line prefix

2020-12-31 02:36:41
Hyundai begins testing Santa Cruz pickup truck

Hyundai is preparing to start selling the new Santa Cruz pickup truck in 2021

2020-12-23 19:41:59
Hyundai has randomly revealed details on a new electric car

Representatives of Hyundai's Austrian office mistakenly distributed the specification of the electric car Ioniq 5, after which they tried to delete the information quickly, but the data was saved

2020-12-17 19:17:34
Hyundai is developing a new turbo engine

Hyundai is creating the latest turbo engine that will appear in the company's "charged" models

2020-12-10 23:20:10
Hyundai Ioniq 5 SUV tested on Italian roads

Hyundai is actively testing the new Ioniq 5 electric crossover on European roads

2020-11-12 22:12:28
All information about the updated electric Hyundai Kona

The car is distinguished from the previous model by the front end with an updated lower bumper section and narrowed optics, air ducts of a different shape

2020-11-11 16:44:49
Hyundai Santa Cruz pickup truck arrives in 2021

Hyundai has officially announced that the Hyundai Santa Cruz pickup truck, which was announced five years ago, will begin sales next year

2020-10-29 17:48:12
Genesis unveils sleek and beautiful compact GV70 SUV

Premium Korean brand Genesis has presented the compact crossover GV70

2020-10-21 20:18:46
Hyundai revealed the 200-strong i20 hatchback

Hyundai has presented a "charged" version of the i20 hatchback

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