2021-09-06 17:10:46

Hyundai gasoline and diesel will not go to Europe from 2035

After 2035, Hyundai will no longer sell cars with standard internal combustion engines in Europe.

By 2030, the Koreans want up to 30% of the company's global annual sales to come from electric cars. Already since 2035, Hyundai will finish with European sales of all vehicles with internal combustion engines. The company's goal for 2040 is to sell only electric cars. Complete refusal from gasoline and diesel engines will occur after 2045.

Hyundai today launches global sales of its newest electric crossover, the Ioniq 5, which debuted in early 2021. The car is available with two battery variations of 58 and 72.6 kWh, plus powertrains that consist of one or two electric motors are offered. The full version has a pair of electric units that develop 302 horsepower and 605 Nm together. Such a car reaches the first hundred kilometers per hour in 5.2 seconds with a maximum of 480 km.