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2022-01-26 21:27:07
Production Tesla Cybertruck showed in the video

The Tesla electric pickup debuted three years ago, but only now the car is almost ready for sales

2022-01-26 00:15:41
Honda says goodbye to NSX

The sports car failed to surprise consumers, so the Honda manufacturer said goodbye to NSX

2022-01-24 23:38:46
New Audi Q6 e-Tron has been spotted on tests

Cross of Audi Q6 e-Tron has become an object of attention for the paparazzi

2022-01-22 12:33:10
Unique Mazda3 will get a 1200 hp rotary engine

The car is created for participation in climbing Pikes Peak

2022-01-20 23:44:37
Lamborghini may release four new products in 2022

Lamborghini has planned the presentation of four new cars in the current year

2022-01-20 00:17:02
The new Kia Niro Hybrid has declassified its parameters

Kia has revealed the secret of the new Niro's specs

2022-01-18 23:45:18
Renault Group sales in 2021 slumped significantly

Renault Group sold 2.69 million cars in 2021, down 4.5% from 2020

2022-01-18 00:22:13
Jetour has crossed Ford Bronco and Land Rover Defender

The Jetour company from China, part of the Chery group, has presented a prototype of the T-X SUV

2022-01-14 20:45:01
Henrik Fisker demonstrated a new supercar powered by electricity

Fisker has planned a new electric supercar

2022-01-14 20:02:25
Renault wants to give up gasoline cars

Renault is ready to ultimately convert its cars to electricity in European countries by 2030

2022-01-12 22:50:03
Mercedes says goodbye to station wagons by 2030

As it became known the day before, the CLA Shooting Brake will leave the Mercedes model lineup in three years

2022-01-11 22:05:49
BMW XM 2023 declassified a little more

A new crossover BMW XM 2023 model year is almost entirely declassified

2022-01-10 19:41:30
Volkswagen Bora got an interesting restyling

The updated Bora sedan from Volkswagen has not yet officially debuted, but the first batch of pictures with the novelty has already hit the web

2022-01-06 22:52:20
Chrysler will produce only electric cars until 2028

Chrysler planned to finish the production of cars with internal combustion engines by 2028 and switch to electric vehicles

2022-01-05 23:25:14
Toyota to lead U.S. auto market in 2021

Toyota managed to sell 2.3 million cars in the U.S. last year, 10% more than 2020.

2022-01-05 00:00:31
Renewed BMW X5 starts its tests in Germany

Paparazzi spotted an updated version of the BMW X5 crossover on public roads of Germany

2021-12-31 16:35:16
Ford Escort name patented in Europe

Ford has filed a patent application in Europe for the Escort name and several other classic car names

2021-12-30 19:28:10
Dacia revealed the price of its new flagship

Almost a year ago, Renault announced the appearance of the newest crossover from the name Dacia, and now there is more information about it.

2021-12-30 19:28:11
Daimler sold half of DENZA shares

German concern Daimler had to reduce its stake in the DENZA joint venture to 10%

2021-12-29 19:41:00
Hyundai disbanded the division that dealt with internal combustion engines

Hyundai has closed the division preparing internal combustion engines at the South Korean R&D center in Namyang

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