2022-01-22 12:33:10

Unique Mazda3 will get a 1200 hp rotary engine

The car is created for participation in climbing Pikes Peak.

The Japanese have been promising to bring a rotary unit back to the engine environment for a very long time.

Drifter Michael Widdett didn't wait and introduced such a unit in Mazda3, capacity 1200 hp for participation in mountain climbing Pikes Peak himself. A car differs from a serial variant differently, except for a body. Bolide will get the rear-wheel drive.

Currently, the car exists only on photos, which appeared on Michael Widdett's Instagram. One robust engine and rear-wheel drive are not enough to successfully get to Pikes Peak. When the car is in thin air, the aerodynamics package suffers greatly.

The body of the Mazda3 will get many splitters, spoilers, diffusers, and skirts. Great work will be done on the suspension, exhaust system, and wheels.