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2021-07-05 23:13:34
Renault Captur hybrid crossover valued at 25,000 euros

Renault has unveiled the Captur E-Tech Hybrid variant

2021-06-30 12:36:05
Porsche presented the fastest SUV in the world

Porsche declassified the "hot" variant of a cross-coupe Cayenne, which name was attached to the prefix Turbo GT

2021-06-30 12:34:47
Nissan and Premcar's updated Navara Pro-4X Warrior pickup truck

The flagship 2021 Nissan Navara Pro-4X Warrior has received many refinements and modifications from the engineering company Premcar.

2021-06-29 23:03:02
Tesla to launch $25,000 hatchback in two years

In 2023, a hatchback from Tesla, which will be priced at $25,000, will start its sales

2021-06-29 18:35:47
Honda announces first 100 percent electric SUV

The Japanese brand is actively developing its first-ever 100 percent electric crossover

2021-06-28 09:13:41
The new Land Rover Defender 130 is out for tests

Land Rover has taken to road tests of the latest all-terrain Defender 130.

2021-06-26 09:56:16
Ferrari has an 830-horsepower hybrid

Ferrari has unveiled the 296 GTB, which has a hybrid setup based on a V6 engine

2021-06-26 09:56:16
Lamborghini Huracan Evo gets unusual role at the airport

The all-wheel-drive Lamborghini Huracan Evo will work in an Italian city at an airport, where the car will accompany planes

2021-06-24 11:17:36
Honda Civic hatchback officially declassified

The Honda Civic 2022 model year lineup has expanded due to the version in the hatchback body

2021-06-23 22:51:13
Hyundai Santa Cruz goes into production

Hyundai Santa Cruz pickup truck production has started in the U.S., and it will hit the shelves very soon

2021-06-22 23:21:37
Volkswagen could buy Alfa Romeo

The Italian brand could become a full member of Volkswagen

2021-06-18 23:11:13
Sales of new cars in Europe increased significantly

The European Association of Automobile Manufacturers informed that sales of new cars in Europe increased by as much as 74% in May this year, compared to May 2020

2021-06-17 19:28:43
Lincoln promises to release its first electric car in 2022

Lincoln, Ford's premium brand, has shown a teaser of its first electric car

2021-06-16 23:20:58
Mercedes-Benz to optimize compact car lineup

Mercedes-Benz has planned to optimize its compact car lineup to remove some models with poor sales

2021-06-15 19:54:45
Opel not coming to Germany's main motor show

Opel refused to take part in the International Motor Show (IAA)

2021-06-14 23:24:10
The world's fastest electric car: Tesla unveils a new car

Tesla has presented a particular version of the restyled Model S electric car with the prefix Plaid

2021-06-09 18:17:29
Nissan Navara will leave Europe in 2022

Nissan will end production of its Navara pickup in Europe at the end of this year

2021-06-08 18:50:59
Ultra-luxury Bentley Bentayga Hybrid updated for Europe

Very soon, European countries will have at their disposal an updated Bentley Bentayga hybrid crossover

2021-06-07 20:39:38
BMW tested the updated X7

BMW has tested the updated X7 crossover at the Nürburgring

2021-06-04 21:50:17
Bugatti declassified the final version of La Voiture Noire priced at 11 million euros

Bugatti has unveiled the final version of the unique La Voiture Noire, produced only in a single copy

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