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2020-08-04 20:58:47
The updated BMW X3 began testing

The paparazzi photographed the updated BMW X3 SUV during testing, which will be sold as a 2022 model

2020-08-03 19:53:28
Skoda suffers colossal losses

The Czech brand Skoda Auto, a part of the Volkswagen group, sent 426,700 cars to dealerships in the first half of 2020

2020-07-31 18:28:07
New Subaru WRX STI will be more powerful

The next-generation model is expecting to hit the market in early 2022

2020-07-31 17:20:16
Kia has decided to declassify the interior of the new compact SUV

Kia showed the first drawing of the interior of the Sonet SUV product

2020-07-31 17:14:03
The teaser for the new electric Cadillac Lyriq

Cadillac is fueling interest in its first commercial electric Lyriq vehicle

2020-07-30 20:36:00
Hummer Pickup on electricity showed up on video

GMC has circulated a teaser video of the newest electric pickup, which has been prepared with Hummer's legendary name

2020-07-30 20:32:17
Mazda CX-5 will receive a different name

The new-generation Mazda CX-5 will receive a different name - CX-50

2020-07-29 17:30:06
The salon of the newest Skoda SUV declassified

Skoda has revealed a teaser for the interior of the Enyaq crossover, the company's first all-electric SUV

2020-07-29 17:30:05
Mercedes-Benz T-Class minivan teaser appeared on the web

Mercedes-Benz has released a teaser image of the all-new T-Class minivan

2020-07-28 16:30:23
New BMW 5-Series and X1 are preparing an electric future

The new generation BMW 5-Series family will expand with an electric performance. Likewise, the green version will go to the new X1

2020-07-28 16:30:23
Mitsubishi will leave Europe

Mitsubishi decided to end sales of new cars in Europe, focusing on Southeast Asia

2020-07-27 19:46:59
Updated Tiguan hits the Chinese market

Judging by the pictures published by CarNewsChina, the car was turned into a cross-coupe, the roofline of the novelty falls to the rear pillars, the rear of the vehicle looks new with different lights and its diffuser

2020-07-27 19:46:57
Bugatti showed a children's car for 58,500 euros

Bugatti has developed the Baby II baby car. A total of 500 of these machines should appear at a minimum price of 30 thousand euros

2020-07-26 19:06:44
Tesla is developing two mysterious cars

At the reporting conference, which was dedicated to the results of Tesla in the 2nd quarter of 2020, Elon Musk said that Tesla is creating two newest electric vehicles

2020-07-26 19:06:41
Kia Sonet appeared on a new teaser

Kia has decided to showcase the latest teaser for the Sonet crossover, which will officially debut on August 7

2020-07-23 19:03:38
The last Mitsubishi Pajero will appear in 2021

Mitsubishi has announced its decision on the fate of the popular Pajero SUV

2020-07-23 19:01:15
The 10,000th Lamborghini Urus released

Lamborghini has created the ten-thousandth copy of the Urus crossover

2020-07-22 17:44:50
A replica of the Ford Bronco SUV from Lego

Ford engineer Peter Blackert assembled a replica of the Bronco SUV from simple Lego

2020-07-22 18:12:38
Skoda Enyaq will debut in early autumn

Skoda has prepared its first electric SUV for its debut

2020-07-21 21:18:53
Mercedes-Benz EQS will have more power reserve than Tesla

The Mercedes-Benz EQS electric sedan will delight its future owners with a range of more than 700 kilometers

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