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2020-11-27 20:33:29
Volkswagen ID.3 is the best-selling electric car in Europe

Volkswagen ID.3 hatchback became the most popular electric car in European countries over the past month

2020-11-16 20:45:23
Volkswagen is ready to spend 35 billion euros in 5 years on electric vehicles

Over the next five years, Volkswagen is ready to spend as much as 35 billion euros on the design with the production of electric cars

2020-11-05 22:57:16
The most potent Volkswagen Golf ever unveils

Volkswagen has presented the "hot" R-variant of the Golf of the eighth generation

2020-10-26 20:44:49
Volkswagen Golf TGI got a price

Volkswagen's press service reports that the eighth-generation Golf TGI has an LPG engine

2020-10-22 23:24:44
Volkswagen ID.3 safety rated five stars

The newest hatchback Volkswagen ID.3 with electric installation has got five stars on crash tests Euro NCAP - this is the highest rating for safety

2020-10-16 22:47:28
Volkswagen Golf R will see the world on November 4

The Volkswagen concern has scheduled the official presentation of the new Golf R hot hatchback on November 4

2020-10-15 17:11:37
New Volkswagen ID.5 is almost ready for serial production

Volkswagen is actively testing its newest electric crossover coupe. The novelty can be called ID.5 or ID.4 Coupe

2020-10-02 18:59:29
Volkswagen Jetta will get a new 1.5-liter turbo engine

The Jetta sedan will soon receive a brand new 1.5-liter turbo engine, which will first appear on the Taos crossover

2020-09-23 22:31:15
Skoda will develop a new Volkswagen Passat

Skoda Auto, part of the Volkswagen AG concern, will be responsible for creating the new generation Volkswagen Passat under the internal B9 designation

2020-09-18 20:17:44
Volkswagen Taos - the new German crossover received a debut date

Volkswagen has distributed a teaser for the newest compact crossover to the North American market

2020-09-12 15:32:40
VW's new Golf Variant

More than ten months have passed since the VW Golf hatchback's premiere and began accepting orders for variations of the wagon

2020-09-04 18:53:05
The salon of Volkswagen ID.4 declassified

Volkswagen has decided to show the first photos of the newest electric crossover ID.4

2020-08-31 13:30:21
Volkswagen Beetle turned into a giant car (VIDEO)

In the USA, craftsmen have built an unusual version of the Volkswagen Beetle - "Huge Bug."

2020-08-28 19:14:35
VW ID. Buggy will turn into an all-terrain electric car

VW ID Buggy concept car will be an affordable off-road electric car. The release of the vehicle will be serial

2020-08-25 20:38:45
Volkswagen ID 4 launched

Volkswagen has started serial production of the newest electric cross-country vehicle ID 4 in Germany

2020-07-27 19:46:59
Updated Tiguan hits the Chinese market

Judging by the pictures published by CarNewsChina, the car was turned into a cross-coupe, the roofline of the novelty falls to the rear pillars, the rear of the vehicle looks new with different lights and its diffuser

2020-06-27 08:32:22
Volkswagen patented the e-Samba name

In Europe, Volkswagen has applied to the European Union Intellectual Property Office for an e-Samba name registration

2020-06-19 18:00:42
Volkswagen Arteon Shooting Brake declassified

In China, local media were able to photograph the new Arteon Shooting Brake wagon, which will debut on June 24

2020-06-11 22:58:47
New Volkswagen Amarok prepared units from Ford

The second-generation Volkswagen Amarok expects its sales for 2022

2020-06-03 18:28:07
Updated Volkswagen Arteon declassified design

Volkswagen showed a couple of the first teasers that declassify the Arteon model

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