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2020-09-22 21:57:56
New BMW M3 and M4 declassified ahead of schedule

Photos of the "hot" versions of the new generation BMW M3 and M4 hit the Internet

2020-09-17 21:04:12
The new sports version of BMW 1-Series coming soon

The tests of the BMW 1-Series with 265 hp engine are completed

2020-09-14 16:45:27
BMW 4-Series Convertible might look like this

Patent drawings of the BMW 4-Series Convertible have leaked on the Internet

2020-09-02 18:11:01
First tests for the updated crossover BMW X7

BMW began testing an updated version of the large X7 SUV

2020-08-28 19:14:35
An unknown prototype BMW M8 was involved in an accident in tests

The paparazzi filmed a mysterious prototype of BMW, which failed tests at the Nurburgring.

2020-08-25 20:38:42
The new BMW X1 has begun its road tests

The paparazzi have caught testing the new generation BMW X1, which will debut two years later

2020-08-19 18:54:47
BMW M3 Touring teaser has appeared

BMW has shown a teaser image of the latest BMW M3 Touring station wagon. The official debut of the car will take place in September

2020-08-11 19:27:25
New BMW M3 photographed with minimal camouflage

The Carscoops edition has distributed spy photos of the "charged" BMW M3 of the new generation in the sedan body.

2020-08-04 20:58:47
The updated BMW X3 began testing

The paparazzi photographed the updated BMW X3 SUV during testing, which will be sold as a 2022 model

2020-07-28 16:30:23
New BMW 5-Series and X1 are preparing an electric future

The new generation BMW 5-Series family will expand with an electric performance. Likewise, the green version will go to the new X1

2020-07-14 19:18:54
The debut of the first electric BMW iX3 SUV

BMW introduced the iX3 production SUV. It is the first all-electric crossover from a Bavarian manufacturer

2020-07-10 17:10:45
The new crossover BMW iX3 will soon debut

BMW showed a teaser that gives an idea of ​​the exterior of the iX3 product SUV

2020-06-28 13:07:50
The new BMW M3 shown on video

A video appeared on YouTube, where company representatives talk about the new-generation “hot”  M3 sedan, which will debut before the end of summer

2020-06-23 17:34:58
Apple will have digital car keys

Apple developers at the conference dedicated to the new iOS14 operating system talked about the CarKey option

2020-06-22 17:01:10
BMW 8-series will receive a gold design

All models of the family, regardless of body shape and engine power, will be able to get a spectacular design option from BMW Individual called Golden Thunder Edition

2020-06-17 17:09:24
Now updated BMW M5 officially presented

BMW showed and talked about the updated sports sedan BMW M5 and its flagship performance Competition

2020-06-17 00:22:21
The updated BMW M5 declassified earlier

A photo of the restyled M5 has appeared on the BMW Blog, the debut of which will take place in the coming days

2020-05-27 23:41:39
BMW 6-Series GT Hatchback is noticeably improved

BMW presented a restyled hatch 6-Series GT, which provided interim improvements before the advent of a new generation

2020-05-22 16:04:36
BMW X8 M must become a fully independent car

The creation of the “hot” hybrid BMW X8 M will be assigned entirely to the M division

2020-05-04 20:53:15
BMW no longer develops new hybrid supercar

The Vision M Next project is not destined to be realized

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