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2019-10-15 17:56:06
Pininfarina is preparing an opponent for Lamborghini Urus

Pininfarina wants to present one utterly new car annually

2019-06-21 15:20:16
Pininfarina changed its sturdy supercar design

Pininfarina presented a new version of the Battista electric hypercar, which is the most potent Italian car brand.

2018-04-26 19:37:00
Meet H500 Concept From Pininfarina

Pininfarina is partners with the electric producer called Hybrid Kinetic Group. The last one is based in Hong-Kong. Pininfarina presented the innovated H500 sedan concept at the Auto China show held in Beijing.

2018-04-22 23:41:55
Pininfarina showed the first picture of an electric hypercar

The Italian tuning studio Pininfarina was shown the first teaser of a 100%-electricity hypercar.

2017-03-21 16:49:22
Production Of Pininfarina-Styled HKG H600 Concept

The Hybrid Kinetic Group wants to launch the H600 sedan in America by the end of this decade.

2016-02-09 17:58:40
Pininfarina Concept Revealed

Pininfarina, a design house from Italy, is going to introduce a new concept vehicle at the coming-soon Motor Show held in Geneva.

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