2020-12-08 23:42:18

Lexus will have an SUV with an innovative all-wheel-drive system

On the eve of Lexus showed a teaser of a brand new electric cross, which shows the Japanese company's production cars' future design with technology. 

With an as-yet-unknown name, the concept will be based on the e-TNGA platform (an electric modification of Toyota's newest global base). 

The car will be the first to receive a fundamentally new all-wheel-drive system, Direct4. An electric motor will be allocated for each axle, which is combined with the driving axle. 

The company added that the system continually monitors the even distribution of traction between the axle front and rear, plus braking force will be provided to each wheel. Direct4 adapts to specific road conditions and the driver's driving style. 

Direct4 improves handling and stability while reducing vibration and noise. The new Lexus concept will also show the design direction for future electric cars. Such cars' characteristic features are a pronounced X-shaped front end and the absence of a radiator.