2018-07-06 14:07:33

Volvo creating a new brand

Swedish concern Volvo will create a new brand - M. The novelty will deal with all the "mobile" services of the automaker.

The designation M does not refer to high-performance vehicles.

Representatives of Volvo did not specifically disclose details on the brand M, postponing public information to a later date.

According to rumors, this brand will become a service for the subscription services "Care by Volvo", which is being tested today in Sweden and the USA. The essence of the project is to carry out an order for renting a car from a special vehicle at the expense of a mobile application. The machine can be taken by anyone only if it is free. The procedure requires a monthly subscription fee.

The full-featured work of the M brand starts next spring. Novelty at first will appear in Gothenburg and then will follow US market.