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2021-03-09 23:38:57
Updates have made their way to the Volvo XC60 crossover

Volvo has revealed to the world an updated crossover XC60 - the most popular model in its lineup

2020-11-05 19:09:47
Developing of Volvo electric motors started

Volvo has opened a new research center in Shanghai, China, where the company developed electric motors

2020-10-14 12:31:48
Volvo switches to electric vehicles

Earlier, representatives of the brand said that by 2025, half of the Volvo coming cars would be on electricity

2020-07-03 19:50:58
Volvo begins the most massive recall of cars around the world in its history

Volvo has begun recalling 2.18 million cars worldwide due to a defective seat belt

2020-03-19 20:41:37
Volvo started recalling nearly 737 thousand cars worldwide

Volvo is conducting a global recall regarding 736,430 cars.

2020-02-10 19:04:25
Volvo and Geely may become one company

The leadership of the Chinese company Geely Automobile and its subsidiary brand Volvo are thinking about a possible merger into a single full-fledged brand.

2020-01-27 18:55:21
The new-generation Volvo XC90 will be an electric car

The new XC90 will be provided with an all-electric design

2019-10-17 17:30:29
Volvo presented its first commercial electric car

The novelty is the "green" performance of the XC40 SUV

2019-10-03 18:07:03
Electric Volvo XC40 more declassified

Volvo has shown several teasers of its first electric car - the "green" version of the XC40 SUV

2019-07-25 15:35:27
Volvo quality will check AI

Volvo has invested in 2 Israeli startups that are developing promising technologies.

2019-04-04 16:55:47
420-strong hybrids made from Volvo XC60 and V60

Volvo presented the 'hot' versions of the XC60 SUV and V60 wagon, which were created by the Polestar brand.

2019-02-22 22:40:37
Volvo XC90 has been updated

Volvo presented the restyled flagship XC90, which will be sold as a 2020 model year auto.

2018-11-20 17:53:11
Volvo will show in Los Angeles the mysterious new car

Volvo showed a mysterious teaser for a new car, which debuted in Los Angeles in a week.‚Äč

2018-09-26 15:28:32
Debuted a new off-road wagon from Volvo

The Swedes presented an off-road version of the new V60 - Cross Country wagon.

2018-08-29 15:08:16
Volvo's mystery prototype was intrigued the users

Volvo has distributed the teaser of the concept, which represents the future of unmanned automobile companies.

2018-07-26 17:07:38
Volvo Polestar 2 will compete with Tesla Model 3

Volvo next year plans to equip all of its new cars with electric or hybrid engines. 

2018-07-06 14:07:33
Volvo creating a new brand

Swedish concern Volvo will create a new brand - M. The novelty will deal with all the "mobile" services of the automaker.

2018-06-23 13:00:35
New Volvo XC90 coming in 2021

The flagship of the Swedish company will acquire an autopilot of the 4th level.

2018-06-15 17:59:21
Volvo slightly declassified the appearance of the new S60

Swedes showed a teaser of the new generation of S60 sedan.

2018-04-26 19:40:46
Be Ready To Pay More For Polestar 1 Than For BMW i8 Or Acura NSX

Polestar has revealed the official prices for its 1st model.

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