2019-09-05 17:07:57

The classic Volkswagen Beetle became an electric car

Volkswagen decided to make an electric installation from e-up! from a classic Beetle. The show car will be showing at the stand of a German company in Frankfurt.

Beetle made in the Volkswagen Group Components division and eClassics brand. The machine has an electrical installation from the latest e-up! The electric motor with a single-stage gearbox created at the factory in Kassel, and the battery made at the company in Braunschweig.

The power of the installation in the e-Beetle is 82 hp. The traction lithium-ion battery includes 14 modules, and the capacity is 36.8-kilowatt-hours. The installation entailed a reinforcement of the chassis with brake mechanisms. The declared range is up to 200 km, and the maximum speed is 150 km per hour.

Thomas Schmoll, Volkswagen Group Components chairman of the board, told the media that the company would remake electric cars and other historical models in the future.