2022-02-14 23:52:30

Tuners added more "aggression" to Toyota Land Cruiser 300

The specialists of Jaos studio have presented an off-road variant of the latest Land Cruiser 300.

Recently the off-road truck of the new generation with modified suspension and increased ground clearance up to 275 mm has made its debut.

The car has 20-inch wheels with "chiseled" tires, additional optics, another exhaust system, an expeditionary luggage rack, and pads on wheel arches. All these improvements made the car more "aggressive."

Tuners say that the technical part of the car hasn't changed - the engine remains the same. Off-road Toyota Land Cruiser is powered by factory 3.5-liter gasoline V6 with 415 hp or 3.3-liter turbodiesel with 299 hp.