2021-11-26 20:07:35

Toyota Camry unusually redesigned

An unconventional creation idea with implementation came to students' minds at the Japan Auto College.

The basis for the student's work was a sedan Toyota Camry, in which the body panels were changed, becoming fiberglass, which allowed to style the car like a sports coupe GT86.

For example, the hood, fenders, and bumpers have been replaced at the front and rear. The special dodger also looks good, adding to the lip, sills, diffuser at the back.

The optics for the experiment were original from the sports car. The stern was upgraded with a minor spoiler made of dark-colored plastic to make the car more like a sports car. Even more distinguished cast wheels in black and chrome stripes.

The car has a sports three-spoke steering wheel and a new dashboard. The model is called NATS LS86.