2020-07-19 12:35:35

Toyota Camry has been updated

The car will be selling now in the US market.

The car has new rims and a slightly modified radiator. Otherwise, the design is the same.

There are many more changes in the cabin. First, there is a new center console. Toyota Camry has a 7-inch touchscreen display as standard. More expensive configurations received a 9-inch screen. The cameras have become more modern, as well as adaptive cruise control. An exciting new assistant will inform the driver upon exiting that there are passengers in the back seat.

The car was equipped with the Toyota Safety Sense 2.5+ complex. It includes an emergency braking system that recognizes pedestrians and cyclists, even in poor lighting conditions. New is a lane change system that allows you to overtake slow vehicles safely.

The range of motors remains the same. It is an aspirated volume of 2.5 liters and a 208 horsepower capacity and a 3.5-liter engine with a capacity of 305 horsepower. The novelty can be front or all-wheel drive. The vehicle can also be equipped with a hybrid power plant based on 2.5 liters engine, and the power of the Toyota Camry hybrid is 211 horse.