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2020-03-23 18:52:26
The premiere of newest Toyota Land Cruiser postponed for next year

Toyota has decided to postpone the debut of the new generation Land Cruiser SUV for one year

2020-01-22 18:25:45
Toyota calls 3.4 million cars for repair

Toyota is launching a global recall of 3.4 million cars.

2020-01-20 20:03:02
Toyota Land Cruiser 300 premiere will be held in summer

The new generation of Toyota Land Cruiser from the 300 series will be officially declassified in August 2020

2020-01-15 20:10:59
For Europe prepared budget Toyota Supra

An affordable version of Toyota Supra will get a 2.0-liter turbo engine, which the model has in Japan

2019-12-25 14:48:32
Toyota Supra fights BMW Z4 at the Nurburgring (VIDEO)

The Toyota Supra GR sports car was paired with the BMW Z4 platform at the Nurburgring track to find out who is better.

2019-12-12 17:47:23
Toyota announced the debut of a 'hot' Yaris

Toyota will declassify the 'charged' version of the Yaris hatch, which takes the GR designation for a name

2019-12-06 18:36:07
The Car of the year in Japan identified

The winner of the Car of the Year Japan is Toyota RAV4

2019-11-21 17:53:21
Toyota showed powerful RAV4

Toyota in Los Angeles has unveiled the plug-in hybrid RAV4 Prime.

2019-11-05 19:01:56
A brand new SUV joined the Toyota ranks

In Japan starts sales of the latest Toyota Raize crossover.

2019-10-14 13:01:02
Toyota RAV4 received a unique performance

Toyota representatives have developed the RAV4, which has a hybrid powerplant and recharging function.

2019-10-11 17:31:12
Toyota showed off its brand new hydrogen sedan

Toyota has unveiled the prototype of the second-generation Mirai hydrogen sedan.

2019-09-30 16:23:02
Toyota has prepared a new Corolla Touring Sports track version

Edging in black from the front to the rear bumper is Toyota's response to the design of modern SUVs

2019-09-17 19:33:52
The new generation of Toyota Corolla decreased in size

Toyota has unveiled the new generation of Corolla for Japan. The car received two body types - the sedan and a wagon.

2019-08-21 17:20:40
Toyota C-HR will be stronger with updates

The updated Toyota C-HR SUV has declassified on the Web, although its official debut will on this fall.

2019-07-11 18:53:49
The announcement of the newest SUV from Toyota

Toyota has announced that it will create an entirely new SUV, which is intended, to a greater extent, for the United States.

2019-07-08 18:22:30
Toyota has made the Prius hybrid even more environmentally friendly

Toyota is testing a hybrid Prius, which is complemented by solar panels that add another 56 km of a track using solar energy.

2019-06-26 21:34:55
An unusual tuning prepared for Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius doesn't lose its popularity over the years. Experts studio Liberty Walk decided to provide their performance legends.

2019-06-18 20:36:39
A New Toyota Land Cruiser has lost a V8 Engine

A new generation Toyota Land Cruiser will say goodbye to gasoline and diesel eight-cylinder powertrains.

2019-04-23 17:36:10
Toyota is ready to release a new compact crossover

Over the next 3 years at Toyota completely new or updates 12 cars for the presentation.

2019-04-17 17:40:34
New Toyota Highlander 2020 pictures

Toyota Highlander 2020 is a new large crossover, which generally retained a recognizable look, but completely refreshed inside and out.

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