2018-01-10 22:47:36

Toyota 2000GT from pure gold at 11 000 dollars

At the Golden World Jewelry Show in Nagoya, Japan, the premiere of the all-gold sport car Toyota 2000GT, which can be purchased for 11,000 dollars, is equivalent to approximately 627,000 rubles.

Unfortunately, this is not a full-fledged car, but a 24-carat miniature figure made of 925 gold.

To date, the world's collectors can buy a sports car Toyota 2000GT at a price of $ 700,000 (approximately 39,900,000 rubles), which is quite difficult to call a democratic value. Along with this, in Japan, a more affordable version of the car is offered for purchase, but, unfortunately, you will not get the pleasure of driving the model. Visitors of the Golden World exhibition in Japan were offered to buy the collection figure of the sport car Toyota 2000GT, which is made of pure gold of 925 tests. It is noted that the rims and tires are made of high quality silver. It is reported that the figure of the Toyota 2000GT is made at a scale of 1:23 and has a mass of 45 grams. The length of the car is 100 mm, the width is about 40 mm, and the individual weight of gold is 24 carats. It is noted that the figure was created as part of the celebration of the new year, and in addition to cars customers can purchase figures of dogs of the Siba Inu breed.