2017-07-26 01:02:45

Matte Wraps For Toyota C-HR And GT86

The outstanding finish can be obtained for $2,120 more. The matt finish has been stated in the aftermarket community for a long period of time.

You could have seen it on car from a Honda to a Lamborghini. It was BMW who offered it from the plant with the Frozen M3 4 years ago. Not Toyota is receiving it on the matte game with the innovated C-HR and 86 sports vehicle.

A unique option as part of the “Style Selection” equipment range, C-HR customers on the old continent can opt from 4 outstanding matte shades. They are: Nova White Metallic, Metalstream Gray Metallic, Marlingrau Metallic and Titanium Blue Metallic. The colour shades are possible to obtain in 2 outstanding matte finishes.

Besides, the A and C pillars, roof, rear spoiler and side mirrors will be regular with an exclusive onyx black contrast lacquer.