2018-03-26 17:24:41

Does Toyota Avensis leave autoproduction?

The Japanese company can no longer deal with the release of the sedan and wagon Avensis.

The reason is the extremely weak sales of the model. It is reported that in 2018 the enterprise Toyota Manufacturing UK will finish with the production of Avensis. Only the hatch Auris will be released In the UK. While the Japanese do not officially comment on the production of the model.

The Avensis premiere took place in 1997, when the car replaced the Toyota Carina E. The model existed for about 21 years, having changed three generations (the last one in 2008) and getting 2 restyling. Last year in Europe were sold only 25,319 copies of Avensis. The best sales of the model were recorded in 2004, when 142 thousand cars were sold in Europe.