2017-06-22 20:31:02

Crossover Upgrade For Toyota Prius C In Japan

Toyota has revealed details about a coming-soon update to the Prius C line in Australia. 

The Prius C from Toyota has been given another upgrade in Japanese market. 

Back home the unit is known as the Aqua. The model received some revisions of enclosure, front bumper and headlamps. The taillamps have also been revised. You will also be able to get updated tyre and wheel packs. 

From the inside you will see a TFT multifunction display as regular and different trim and material enhancements. 

The new version should be named “Crossover”. There will be such features as wheel arch mouldings, chunkier bumpers, special 16-inch alloys and roof rails. 

Crossover versions of the Prius C from Toyota will probably be more SUV-like because of returned handling and ride characteristics.