2018-02-26 15:43:52

A Miniature Nurburgring From Toyota

Toyota is going to make a new research and development hub. The company invests more into EVs.

A report suggested that the new hub will take place in Aichi. It will have 11 different test tracks designed to remind of different driving conditions found in around the globe. One of the tracks will be created after the famous Nurburgring in Germany in order to test braking, stability etc. in harsh conditions. The track will be 3.3 miles. Mountainous and windy roads will be included as well as altitude changes.

The company has invested $2.8 billion. They want to open in 2019. However, Completion of all the sites will not happen until 2023. It will house a staff of 3,200-3,300 workers. With time they will expand to 3,850 employees.