2013-06-10 11:30:57

2014 Toyota Corolla Unveiled With Astonishing Fresh Appearance

For the past a couple of decades, the Corolla has been as breathtaking as watching tree grow in real time. But this hasn’t fastened deliveries one bit. Most new vehicle customers don’t care about catchy look or an engaging drive. They only demand an efficient car that is as reliable as beer kegs being brought to the stag-party.

But for 2014 Toyota is ignoring caution and has provided a more thrilling Corolla; sort of.  Brand-new Toyota has infused the fresh Corolla with a sense of style greatly lacking in the model range since, well, forever.

The eleventh gen of Corolla will include an “Iconic Dynamism” theme first presented on the Corolla Furia Concept at the North American International Motor Show. This is part of Toyota’s design-focused product strategy that features the recently released 2013 RAV4 and 2013 Avalon. Why the refreshed focus on design? Well, customers demanded more design presence in the Corolla; even they found it to be a bit too simple looking.