2018-09-28 19:46:08

Smart declassified electric roadster

Smart declassified own brand new Forease concept electric vehicle. The public debut of the 2-seater roadster will be held in Paris at the local motor show.

A novelty was made based on the EQ ForTwo Cabriolet, and the engine in it is an 80-horsepower electric motor. Roadster dynamics are classified. AutoExpress writes that the 'hundred is typed by Forease in 11.5 seconds, with a maximum speed of 130 km/h.

With a brand new design, Forease will recall Forspeed and Crossblade prototypes. The car has LED optics, a diffuser, as well as a spoiler, 18-inch wheels and 3-dimensional flashlights. The interior of the novelty is supplemented with 2 additional screens, but not air vents, plus there is an unusual steering wheel, like in an airplane.

Smart will convert all its cars into electric after 2020.