2016-12-21 12:40:31

Older Smart Fortwo Models Fall Under Investigation: Fire Risk

The NHTSA starts an investigation connected with the older offering Smart Fortwo vehicles that can catch fire.

Almost 43,000 vehicles fall under the investigation. Vehicles from 2008 and 2009 model years have to deal with it. The agency has received 8 reports about fires. In all cases the fire rapidly engulfed the vehicle. 6 times an unusual noise, smoke or the check engine light preceded the trouble. 2 times there was no any warning.

According to one of the owners, he heard a loud pop from the rear engine compartment. So, he pulled over and saw fire coming from that location. He said that if he had not pulled off, we would hear this story from his obituary.

NHTSA is searching the cause and the frequency of fires. It is going to find out if there is a systemic risk.