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2021-03-12 20:41:09
Updated Seat Arona appeared on tests

Paparazzi caught on the road tests restyled subcompact Seat Arona SUV

2021-02-23 23:16:00
Cupra Formentor VZ5 crossover officially debuted

The Cupra sports brand has successfully unveiled the latest rugged crossover, the Formentor VZ5, available in quantities of 7,000 copies.

2020-09-25 18:09:33
Updated Seat Arona goes to tests

Seat is preparing for the start of sales of an updated version of the compact crossover Arona

2020-06-09 18:11:18
Seat announced the premiere of the updated Ateca SUV

In Seat, they distributed the video teaser of the restyled compact cross Ateca

2020-03-27 20:01:18
Seat finished producing minivans

Seat has assured that it will complete the production of minivans, as well as remove from the assembly line its only car in this segment - Alhambra

2020-02-24 19:07:34
Leon Cupra turned into a hybrid

Seat has unveiled the hot hatch and wagon Leon of the new generation, which are sold on behalf of the Cupra brand

2019-12-18 19:23:07
The new Seat Leon is more declassifies

Seat published a teaser, naming the debut date of the Leon new generation.

2019-08-28 23:22:16
The first Seat plug-in hybrid will debut soon

Seat presented a hybrid version of the flagship Tarraco SUV, which can be recharge from the mains.

2019-02-28 16:26:10
Seat demonstrates on image their first electric vehicle

Seat showed on teaser the first electric car that will debut next week in Geneva. The novelty will be built on the MEB architecture, and the car will become a serial one next year.

2019-02-26 16:53:47
Seat declassified new electric car

Seat presented the newest Minimo electric vehicle concept.

2018-12-17 21:17:06
Seat Ateca got the off-road version

Seat Ateca SUV prepared the off-road package, which costs 13,964 euros.​

2018-11-19 18:17:14
Cupra prepares 7 new products at once until 2021

The Cupra Performance brand, which is considered part of a SEAT, begins long strides.​

2018-11-06 18:00:18
Seat will demonstrate in Geneva design solutions for future cars

Seat  will bring a new generation Leon concept to Geneva in March next year.

2018-10-04 16:04:37
Seat Tarraco: debuted a new Spanish flagship

Seat held a presentation in Paris of the flagship Tarraco SUV.

2018-09-19 22:52:19
Seat Tarraco SUV for 7 seats debuted

Seat held a presentation of the new flagship - the 7-seat crossover Tarraco, which has a place in the line above the off-road vehicles Ateca and Arona.

2018-07-23 18:40:35
Seat showed a new crossover on a secret presentation

The novelty of Seat will be called Tarraco, and the car will arrive in Europe before the end of 2018.

2018-06-30 01:59:41
SEAT Leon Cupra lost 10-forces due to new environmental regulations

The obsolete NEDC environmental standards in Europe, based on laboratory tests, give way to a more stringent procedure for testing the environmental friendliness of WLTP vehicles starting in September, when the passage of WLTP tests becomes mandatory for all new cars.

2018-05-26 19:08:45
New generation for Seat Leon prepared for 2019

Seat are testing of the new Leon.

2018-03-25 21:49:12
Seat announced the premiere date of an electric car

Seat confirm the appearance of the first commercial electric car in 2020.

2018-02-24 19:56:38
Seat prepares for Geneva a special 'hot' wagon

The Geneva motor show will be the place for the debut of another Spanish car.

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