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2015-03-18 16:57:21
Honda Civic Hatchback will arrive in America

The Honda Civic Hatchback returns to North America after its 10 years of absence.

2015-03-02 15:59:02
Images of 2016 Honda Civic Type R Leaked

The Honda Civic Type R is almost ready to be presented at the 2015 Motor Show in Geneva.

2015-02-24 17:09:06
CEO of Honda Steps Down

Takanobu Ito, the current CEO of Honda, has stated about his decision to step down from the helm of the company.

2015-02-13 17:24:57
Next-Generation Honda Ridgeline Teased in Sketch

Honda is giving an idea of how its future pickup truck will look like.

2015-01-19 10:21:17
2016 Honda HR-V is Capable of 35 MPG on the Highway

New crossover from Honda consumes less fuel.

2014-12-26 13:39:18
Honda Shows Different Oddities for Tokyo Auto Salon of 2015

The Makuhari Messe’s doors in Chiba will open for the Auto Salon of 2015 in Tokyo on January 9.

2014-12-12 16:42:48
Honda Civic Type R Powertrain will Compete with the US Model

Honda will not carry the European Civic Type R to North America, though the most of its speed guts may make it after all.

2014-11-11 15:58:02
Honda Will Invest $750 Million in Canadian Assembly Factory

Honda gas stated about a huge investment into its factory which is going to be the Civic of next generation.

2014-10-16 16:05:56
Honda Civic Si of 2015 at $23,680

The Honda Civic Si is in the 2015 model year range now.

2014-10-13 15:40:15
A New Video Promises Honda's Return to Formula 1

Honda is going to return festively to F1 racing in 2015, but the automaker lets to know how it will sound before its manufacturing.

2014-10-01 14:36:52
Honda Civic Type R Testing Caught by Paparazzi

While Honda is gearing up to show off a new version of the Civic Type R at the Paris Motor Show this week, the brand is also out testing prototypes of the car. 

2014-08-29 14:43:26
Maximum Safety Proved for 2015 Honda Odyssey

Profile American traffic safety authority has assessed next year’s Honda Odyssey with the highest mark.

2014-07-23 12:15:58
Autumn Release of Next Honda CR-V

CVT will distinguish 2015 CR-V from the rest of the line-up during upcoming sales launch.

2014-06-27 16:40:20
Pikes Peak International Hill Climb to Feature Honda Representatives

Six Honda vehicles are going to participate in 2014 hill climb event.

2014-05-13 15:36:54
Next Implementation of S2000: This Time a Turbo Hybrid

Honda is allegedly planning to reveal a car based on S2000.

2014-05-05 11:01:40
Faulty Airbags of 2014 Odyssey from Honda

A massive recall has been initiated in Honda when airbag problem was discovered in approximately 25,000 units.

2014-04-02 18:12:26
This Year's Honda Civic Faces Tyre Problems

Almost 10,000 Civic LX cars of two modifications are being recalled due to issues with tyres.

2014-03-24 13:04:06
20 Million Vehicles Built at American Site of Honda

Honda, which went against the trend of avoiding North American production sites, has built 20 million cars there to date.

2014-03-18 11:59:28
Nearly 1 Million Honda Odyssey Recalled for Inflammation Danger

A new recall is facing the Japanese minivan, now connected with inflammation danger.

2014-03-13 12:04:11
North America Requests Access to Honda Civic Type R

The first batch of Civic models shipped to North America more than ten years ago remains the only one to date.

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