2015-11-06 15:33:53

Photos of a Yellow Ferrari F12tdf

Photos of a Yellow Ferrari F12tdf

New series of pictures with the beefy Ferrari F12tdf appeared on the Web.

Previously, the car had classic red body colour. Now the model has changed its paint into an awesome yellow hue. Florian Schulz, a car admirer, took photos of it at a filling station not far from Maranello (Italy).

We know that the Italian automaker is going to manufacture only 799 units of the supercar. It was revealed almost a month ago. We suppose that the company has started deliveries of the offering to its clients.

Regardless of colour, the new vehicle has more aggressive body kit than the regular model. Besides, it provides 100% downforce. The F12tdf rides with an upgraded naturally-aspirated twelve-cylinder engine. It is able to generate 40 hp (or 29 kW) more than the regular one. Totally, it outputs crazy 780 hp (or 574 kW). This is not the end. The model has lost 110 kg (or 220 lbs). Now it can accelerate 0-62 mph (or 0-100 km) in 2.9 seconds. The top speed of the vehicle is the excess of 211 mph (or 340 km/h).

F1 DCT transmission equips the model. Now it offers downshifts quicker by 40%, upshifts quicker by 30% and gear ratios shorter by 6%.