2014-04-07 12:49:07

Let's Imagine a Sedan from Ferrari

Despite the regular refusals of the luxury brand to create a sedan a group of visionaries from X-Tomi Design made this dream a pleasantly-looking reality, at least on paper.

The rendering is a four-wheel drive sedan with four doors called F44. It looks like a clever amalgamation of FF and Maserati Quattroporte in terms of outside style. Such a look is definitely an unconventional one, but it is so well-thought that bosses of the company might really take it into consideration.

X-Tomi Design did not elaborate the powertrain, so one can only assume that it might feature the FF choice of a potent twelve-cylinder motor making 660 hp and torque of 504 lb-ft. This would be enough for it to take the 100-km/h barrier in 3.7 seconds with maximum 208 mph on speedometer.