2013-04-22 16:16:56

Buick Encore Surprising and Catchy

I realized that upon first viewing the Buick Encore, I was astonished by its goofy proportions and the poor fit and interior style of multiple examples (yes, they were production samples, not hastily slapped together pre-production vehicles). But the market is what makes the top and the bottom in the end, and the little Buick is getting some solid numbers.

Carsbase.com informs that Encores took just 14 days to turn in March, well below the industry average of 50 days, and a section average of 44 days. Despite my dislike of the Encore’s look, it is good offer for many customers; a compact, fuel-efficient, high class SUV-like model. There is nothing looking like that in the US, but we can see a Europe-style expansion of that section if the Encore carries on to succeed. In Canada, the Chevrolet Trax, which is the Encore’s base-mate, is being billed as the “Urban-sized SUV”, an interesting marketing message in a country where city centers are highly populated and gas costs much, but the desire for SUVs, trucks and other cars with a high seating position is still high.

I often like to nattre about how the market proves that enthusiasts taste in vehicles is a fringe section of the auto landscape – but with the Encore, I got a taste of my own meds. For now at least…